Employer Compliance

Federal immigration law renders it illegal to employ foreign nationals who lack permission to work in the United States.  We assist clients in complying with the immigration laws regulating employment of foreign nationals and admission to the United States; advise employers on how to comply with the I-9, Employee Verification System; how to respond to “mismatch” letters received from the Social Security Administration; and advise on the government’s “E-Verify” program.  Compliance is mandatory and employers may be penalized for knowingly hiring and continuing to employ an unauthorized employee; and for failing to timely complete and maintain the requisite documentation.

We also assist with the process of obtaining temporary work visas for employees, applications for extensions of stay or change of status, labor certification applications, consular immigrant visas and adjustment of status applications for business visitors, executives, professionals, students, athletes, artists, and family dependents; and sponsoring employees with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and executives and managers of multinational corporation.

To schedule a confidential consultation on how we may be able to address your employment issues, please contact us at (305) 373-5385 or via e-mail. We are available for in-person, telephonic, or video consultations.