We offer in-person confidential consultations in our Miami office. We also arrange phone consultations and/or video-conferencing to accommodate our clients’ needs. To schedule an initial confidential consultation, please call our office at (305) 373-5385 or via e-mail.

Initial consultations are designed to maximize the time you spend with our attorneys. Ideally, you will complete the SRS Intake Form and send it to us in advance of your scheduled appointment date. With this information, we can conduct a thorough evaluation or your case, better prepare for your questions, and provide the best recommendations on how to proceed with your case. Please note there is a consultation fee.

What to Bring
To ensure the greatest efficiency during your consultation, please bring all of the following items that may apply to your case:

Immigration Documentation:
Permanent resident cards, passports, work permits, correspondence from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, parole cards, visas, notice to appear, order to show cause, applications, orders of removal or deportation; immigration court orders, bond documents, etc.

If a family member’s immigration status is relevant to your case, please bring the family member’s documents. (i.e. parent’s certificate of citizenship, permanent resident card, applications, etc.

Individuals with Criminal Records:
If you have a criminal record (regardless of whether your arrest resulted in a conviction), you must also bring certified copies of arrest reports, charging documents (indictment or information). dispositions. (judgment and conviction record, dismissal, jury verdict), plea agreements, and/or transcripts.

All criminal records must be provided regardless of whether your cases were minor, or whether they were dismissed or nolle prosee.

If you do not have the necessary criminal records before your consultation and your case took place in Florida, you will need to request these with the Clerk of the County Court where your case was heard. If you criminal case occurred outside the State of Florida, you must obtain your criminal records from the court in that state.