5 Handy Alternatives to the H-1B Visa

If you have an employer willing to sponsor your visa application, the H-1B Visa can be a great immigration option. It works well for professionals who want to work in the United States, and for American companies that need to find highly specialized knowledge in a foreign employee. Unfortunately, US Congress has maintained a “cap” or limit on the annual number of H-1Bs that may be issued each year. The cap currently Read More

A Brief Introduction to the H-1B Visa

While there are many types of visas available to help people come to America, few are as popular for employment-based situations as the H-1B. The H-1B visa is an excellent option as it makes it easy for both the immigrant and the employer to accomplish their goals. This is a temporary visa, but it does have options for extensions, which can be extremely important for employment visas. Please keep in mind that the Read More

Studying in America: An Introduction to the F-1 Visa

The United States can be a wonderful place to study, provided you have a visa to help you across the border. International academic students must typically apply for the F-1 Visa before they can pursue their studies in the US. While the visa has several eligibility requirements, they are all rather straightforward. You can read this primer on the F-1 Visa to understand what the visa is for, who can apply, and what Read More

Studying in America: An Introduction to the J-1 Student Exchange Visa

Exchange programs encourage the transfer of knowledge and skills between different cultures. Of course, they can also provide participating students with valuable education and experience. If you're a student or teacher looking to enter the United States through one of these programs, you will likely apply for a J-1 Visa for Exchange Visitors. What is it? Beneficiaries can use the J-1 Visa to pursue an exchange Read More

Getting the Scoop: The I-Visa for Foreign Members of the Media

USCIS offers some employment visas that cover a range of fields and areas of expertise, but others are dedicated to specific professions. The I-Visa for Foreign Members of the Media is one such example. If you represent a media company outside of the United States, the I-Visa could be helpful in several situations. Are you filming a documentary or news event in the United States? Is your company producing or Read More

Immigration for Athletes: The P-Visa

If you're an athlete looking to play or perform in the United States, the P Visa may be the best way to achieve temporary nonimmigrant status. It could allow you to participate in an upcoming tour, sports season, or athletic event in the US, as long as a US employer can sponsor your application. Here's what you need to know about the P Visa for athletes. Eligibility Athletes or athletic teams should Read More

A Brief Overview of Temporary Work Visas

Are you looking for a way to enter the United States for the purpose of employment? Temporary work visas grant you nonimmigrant status, allowing you to work in the US on a temporary basis. You typically need to have your prospective employer sponsor you, or file a petition on your behalf. Take a look at some of the main temporary visa classifications to understand the wealth of options available to you. E-1 and Read More

Stop the Abuse: How the T-Visa Can Help Victims of Human Trafficking

According to the US Department of State, an estimated 14,500 to 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States every year. Almost all victims of trafficking in the US are immigrants, and most of those are immigrant women. Traffickers may use deception and force to exploit people who are poor, unemployed, unable to speak English, or unfamiliar with the country and its employment laws, and those who lack access to Read More

The H-3 Visa: How to Train International Employees in the US

Have you considered inviting an employee to participate in a United States training program? Your potential trainees may be able to obtain a visa for temporary nonimmigrant status, either as international trainees or as part of an exchange program. The H-3 Nonimmigrant Trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitor classification can provide that status. The H-3 visa can be granted to foreign trainees and special Read More

Immigration for Religious Workers: The R-1 Visa

Foreign nationals looking for temporary work in the United States have many visa options available to them, but what about religious workers? If you're a member of a religious denomination and are looking for an occupation in the US, then the R-1 visa may be right for you. Make sure you understand the definition of an R-1, the eligibility requirements, and the application process before you start filing your Read More