3 Tips for a Successful Asylum Interview

When you apply for asylum in the United States without being subject to removal proceedings or arrests, you will need to present your case to a government official during an interview. The officer will test your credibility and legal claim to asylum by evaluating the information in your application. Because of this, you must be able to present your case in a clear and coherent manner. To do so, you’ll need to prepare for the interview. Here are some tips to get you started.

Be Consistent

The first step to being prepared is to keep your answers detailed and consistent while sticking to the information you provided in your application. Always keep a copy of your application to study so you don’t get confused or make mistakes regarding the information you already turned in. Take time to really read it over and become familiar with every sentence, document, and declaration.

If there are any mistakes or inconsistencies, point them out at the beginning of your interview and explain the reason for your mistake. Also, fill in any details you may have left out by accident. Never try to exaggerate details or make them up. An honest interview is crucial.

Practice Your Answers

Once you’re familiar with your application, remember that practice makes perfect. By practicing the answers to uncomfortable and difficult questions, you’ll be less likely to stumble over them at your interview. Have your lawyer work on this with you and ask friends to bring up general questions as well as questions pertaining to specific details in your application.

The more practice you get, the better. You should also rehearse with your interpreter and an English-speaking individual if you plan on having a foreign language interpreter at your interview.

Be Confident

You want to project confidence during your interview, so prepare a list or a short outline of incidents portraying your persecution in chronological order. Also write down details you might have trouble remembering, such as dates, names, places, and instruments your persecutors used against you.

To have the best chance of being approved for asylum, you’ll need to explain your legal claim clearly to the government officer. Focus on your persecution, including when it happened and the legal grounds such as political or religious beliefs. You must be comfortable talking about difficult topics during your interview.

Have your attorney prepare a short closing statement to present your case in the best light for the best results. It should include critical details from your history, as well as a short summary of your persecution.

Immigration proceedings can be difficult, confusing, and frustrating. Take some of the stress out of the situation by hiring a competent legal team to walk you through the process and help you present the best case possible. Sanchez-Roig Law, P.A., has nearly 23 years of experience in government immigration cases. Call us today at 305-373-5385 and let us help you succeed in your quest for citizenship.